What’s On

Have a look at all of the artists that contributed to an entertaining jamboree of spectacular street performance from Friday 28 – Sunday 30 August 2015.

Free Arts Workshops

With Summer in Southside fast approaching on bank holiday weekend, have some crafty, family fun at FREE arts workshops hosted by Ming Moon Restaurant. The workshops will be inspired by Tangle, a giant, weaving play space using coloured elastic to create a vibrant, live interactive artwork made by children and their families. The workshops run … Continue reading Free Arts Workshops

Friday Night Warm Up

Warm up for the weekend with the Summer in Southside taster evening! In addition to the bite-sized performance by Orkestra del Sol, Skate Naked and Bruce Airhead, the Friday evening will also see a preview of local choreographer Corey Baker’s new exciting outdoor street performance Ature with BRB soloist William Bracewell. Expect the unexpected as … Continue reading Friday Night Warm Up

Taste & Liquor / Shaanti Presents The Playground Feastival

Showcasing the city’s finest talent in music, arts, food and culture produced in partnership with Taste and Liquor and the Multi-Award Winning Shaanti, The Playground Feastival hits Birmingham, on Friday 28 August – Sunday 30 August 2015. The Playground Feastival promises to present an eclectic mix of global street-food, live music from Birmingham’s biggest stars, top … Continue reading Taste & Liquor / Shaanti Presents The Playground Feastival

Tangle – Polyglot

Tangle is a giant weaving play space event using coloured elastic to create a vibrant, live interactive artwork made by children and their families. A giant elastic ball is given to each participant to weave around golden poles. Before long the children create a dense, multi-coloured landscape to play, explore and bounce in. Featuring live music, Tangle is … Continue reading Tangle – Polyglot


Our retro chrome caravan and summer garden, where the ‘BHAMbassadors’ will be on hand with refreshing drinks and treats. Take photos, draw pictures, write down your thoughts and peg up your colourful creations on our washing line. #BHAMbassadors

The Giraffe – VIP Puppets

Larger than life Puppet in the wild! Dolly the giraffe is a life-sized gentle giant of a giraffe. She gracefully walks, eats leaves and wanders where she pleases, she even does a poo! Can you help her team of attentive zookeepers clean it up? A walkabout act for all ages. VIP Puppets VIP Puppets bring … Continue reading The Giraffe – VIP Puppets

Larger then Life – Orkestra Del Sol

  ‘Larger than Life’ is Orkestra del Sol’s sensational new outdoor presentation for 2015.  The show weaves Honkstep (the Orkestra’s original brass-driven dance music), comic characters, crowd interaction and daft moments into a new show for all the family.  No previous experience of Honkstep is required for viewing this performance, but please do bring your dancing … Continue reading Larger then Life – Orkestra Del Sol

The Lift – Wet Picnic

9 floors with 9 possibilities – a show which offers everyone a boost, whether in or out of The Lift. “What a delightful ride. Grinned all the way through the The Lift’s smart silliness” Donald Hutera, The Times The Lift is a roving theatrical experience that envelops its audience, welcoming them into a world of … Continue reading The Lift – Wet Picnic

Bench – Mimbre

A woman sits on a bench and watches the world go by… Bench is a small and beautiful acrobatic performance about the everyday theatre and dance of life. Loneliness and happiness, bag-ladies and runaway brides, spell-binding moments mixed with the comic and ordinary – a reflection on who we are and how we connect with others. … Continue reading Bench – Mimbre

Bruce Airhead

The metamorphosis of a man and a six-foot balloon in this original comedy show. Bruce Airhead, with a volunteer, uses a voice-activated vacuum cleaner to inflate a six foot balloon. Then to the crowd’s disbelief, wearing only brightly coloured lycra shorts and choreographed to music, Bruce slides his toned Australian physique completely inside the balloon. … Continue reading Bruce Airhead

Bramble FM

This local radio station is broadcasting on 69.9FM. Watch as the Bramble FM caravan hosts a surreal and hilarious rock roadshow fronted by Maureen Clarke and Lesley Beauchamp.  With a thumping soundtrack of world class music provided by their legendary stable of DJs these two architects of idiocy present absurdly popular regular features, eclectic dance … Continue reading Bramble FM

Whip Lash – Skate Naked

Skate Naked have been performing their particular brand of insane comedy for 20 years.They have won the European Championships and the World Championships of Street Performing. It is a mix of highly dangerous stunts and ridiculous situations. The audience will not know where the line is drawn and so are caught between worrying for their safety … Continue reading Whip Lash – Skate Naked

Colour of Hip Hop

Spend an afternoon steeped in the many ‘hues’ of hip hop! Presenting an electrifying spectrum of live hip hop culture – with scintillating cyphers, fearless freestyle, rigorous rapping and plenty of participation…featuring some of the hottest hip hop talent in the Midlands. cityofcolours.co.uk City of Colours will be landing on the Southside streets as part … Continue reading Colour of Hip Hop

#BHAMbassadors Present: MIX UP

Birmingham Hippodrome Ambassadors present MIX UP– a night of FREE performance and activities at the theatre’s own Stageside Bar. From eight till late, you’ll be treated to acoustic music from five different artists, hip hop and poetry from local rapper Tarrick, and interactive arts and crafts tables, with the evening culminating in a stunning VJ set … Continue reading #BHAMbassadors Present: MIX UP


Presented by The Playground Feastival: The Beats Sound Soundsystem Oscuro formed in 2013, originally an experimental remix project which gained notoriety wining a Beatport Play contest for Tears For Fears – “Pale Shelter” and a subsequent release on Universal. This project now focuses on creating deep textural pieces incorporating Foley and found sounds. It is … Continue reading Oscuro

Shadow Fleet

Presented by The Playground Feastival: The Beats Sound Soundsystem Shadow Fleet is a UK based solo project bringing you a forward thinking take on dark ambient electronic music. http://www.shadowfleetmusic.com     In partnership with Shaanti and Taste and Liquor

Himalia AKA Davee Hinman

Presented by The Playground Feastival: The Beats Sound Soundsystem Himalia hails from Lincoln and has only been producing for a couple of years. Prior to this he was jamming in a few deathcore bands! He has made the crossover in order to experiment with a range of sounds, unfamiliar to him. His post electronic music … Continue reading Himalia AKA Davee Hinman


Presented by Playground Live Sessions Nona has previously lived in India, where she was trained in and performed Indian Classical music, as well as recording backing vocals, jingles etc. She is now based in the UK and has been recording vocals for drum and bass electronic producers Gio (Makyo), Nuphlo Leeds, ROMAY and loads more.   … Continue reading Nona

First Network Music Showcase

Presented by Playground Live Sessions First Network is a new and exciting venture started by University leavers, having hosted their first event at Light House Media Centre in June 2015, this emerging creative platform is all about promoting and celebrating local connections of the city. Their projects are about showcasing, networking and gathering people together … Continue reading First Network Music Showcase

LB ‘Lonely Boy’ Robinson

Presented by Playground Live Sessions LB ‘Lonely Boy’ Robinson grew up in the neighbourhood of Ward End, Birmingham. He honed his natural vocal ability by emulating the music played on the family radio at home. His early musical influences were soul legends Luther Vandross and Alexander O’Neal, both of whom became loadstones in the creation … Continue reading LB ‘Lonely Boy’ Robinson


Presented by Playground Live Sessions Beatfreeks and InUnity presents BACE Jam. The Most exciting emerging young artists in Birmingham, musicians, poets, dancers and media makers are here to give you an hour of creativity unleashed. http://www.beatfreeks.com In partnership with Shaanti and Taste and Liquor

Zara Sykes

Presented by Playground Live Sessions Having supported Jay Z & Kayna West’s Watch the Throne (Birmingham LG Arena) Tour 2012, Zara Sykes was born and raised in Birmingham (United Kingdom). She began writing songs/poems at the tender age of 9 years old. “I wanted to write songs/stories and as I got older, I began to … Continue reading Zara Sykes