Full Stop – Created by Light The Fuse produced by Scribbled Thought


This is the bus shelter where anything can happen: queues become wrestling matches, little old ladies spark international incidents and yummy mummies fight to the death. From the 2am revelers having their own party on the roof, to the rush hour commuters dreaming of romance, this anarchic new show takes you through an action packed 24 hours in 24 minutes.

A fast paced, highly physical piece, full of surprises, circus and silliness.

Waiting for a bus has never been so much fun.

Supported by Arts Council England.



Light The Fuse charge everyday spaces with explosive visual and physical elements to surprise and captivate audiences of all ages. Our aim is to make audiences reconsider our usual environments and see the fun in the mundane.






Scribbled Thought is a creative production company that supports emerging and established artists to produce important, challenging and high quality work across arts forms. We aim to produce thought-provoking theatre that discusses big ideas, through small human stories told in surprising ways.



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